Monday, July 13, 2009

Im free

Hey all. The travel ban and curfew have been lifted!! YAY!. I have to be honest I have not been keeping up with the latest gossip here, its been so boring. As far as I know, Zelaya went to the US and Hilary Clinton asked the president of Costa Rica to mediate the negotiations of the Honduran political system. His name is Arias and he won the Nobel Peace Prize once upon a time and so he makes a good mediator. He also doesnt have anything to gain or lose politcally so that helps. Im not sure what the outcome was or is, but as far as I have heard, Zelaya is going to come back to Honduras on the 18th but he could try and come back anytime really. What that will mean for the country I dont know. I think there are still warrents out for his arrest, but I also think that since the country is in negotiation, he might have temporary immunity until things get settled. The general consensus of opinion is that Zelaya wont come back into power, that he will get some sort of settlement and Micheletti will be president until the election in November.

I am really really hoping that things dont change until after I get home. I really cant handle another grounding. I get a week of vacation starting Thursday and I will be travelling the country as much as I can. My friend Max has a car and he has offered to play tourist with me. I think we are going to Tela Beach (since I missed it the last time due to the grounding), San Pedro Sula, Copan (which are the Mayan Ruins) and probably Ceiba which is another beach on the Caribbean coast. Loads to see and do and not much time to do it anymore. I only have about 24 days left!! Wow, its flown.

I sent out postcards last week. I wrote them on the 18th of June but wasnt allowed to leave to mail them so sorry for that. Hopefully they will get home before I do.

Now that the political stuff is sorted, I will try and get back to what I have learned here and what I have seen and done before all this started. Thats the interesting stuff.

Anywho, still enjoying myself and I cant tell you how excited I am to be free again.

Hugs n stuff.

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Mary and Rick said...

So glad the country is settling down into some semblance of normal life -- and that you're able to get around and see more of it. Presume your host "parents" eventually found a way back home and that, hopefully, the living room ceiling got fixed. You know the old Chinese curse about "May you live in interesting times"...
Mary and Rick