Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 dead, 4 Wounded

So things got a tad more interesting here this past weekend. I don't really know all the details because as I have previously said, there is a media ban here and although it has lightened up quite a bit here, the government still want everyone to think that everything is fine and that all are well and safe. They even put Micheal Jackson´s memorial on CNN Español and didn't talk about anything newsworthy. Makes me laugh and shake my head.
Anywho, the story was that Mel Zelaya was supposed to come back to Honduras on Saturday as per the demands of the UN. The Honduran government said if he came back, they would arrest him (apparently they have 18+ warrants out for him). So the threatened embargoes and sanctions did in fact begin, although I don't really believe that the effects of these will be felt for a month or two. He didn't try to come back on Saturday after all but he did try to sneak in on Sunday. Silly man thought he could avoid being arrested if he came in unexpectedly I guess. Once he landed, the government refused him entry being that he didn't have permission so he took off to El Salvador. Monday he flew to Washington DC where he met with Hilary Clinton. I do not know anything more than that. I don't know if or what anything was talked about, nor about whats happening with Michelettis government. I do know that some of the bigger industrialists of Honduras have told Micheletti and Zelaya that they want the two to play nice, give back the presidency to Zelaya and they can work together until the next election is called in November, at which time the slate will be wiped clean and the new government can start again. Who the hell really thinks that two alpha males can play nicely together? Come on!! One wanted the power to control the country at will, and the other instigated a coup détat. Honestly!! Stupid freaking men!! The industrialists are not at all happy that their business have been diminished because the borders have been closed to some trading due to the embargoes and sanctions.
I also know that 2 people died and 4 people were wounded at the airport Sunday when some jackass decided he was going to open fire on the crowd gathered there to support their favorite president. We have been told that it was an isolated incidence, that he was just some guy and it had nothing to do with attempted assassinations or anything dramatic.
The country´s curfew has been set back to 10pm to 6 am but we still have not been given the go ahead to travel. So here I sit in El Guante and counting down the days till I am back in the land of the Canuck.
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Georgie_Bosnia-Herz_09 said...

Thanks for the VERY interesting story! So you will for sure be able to travel home? What are you doing with all your spare time? How is your placement going otherwise?
- Sabs